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Improving your hearing starts with a hearing test and full evaluation with a hearing specialist. At Peg Armanini’s Hearing Healthcare LLC, we’re committed to helping you hear again.

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Peg Armanini

Peg Armanini

AuD- Au.D., F-AAA

Dr. Armanini attended Penn State University and obtained a BS and an MS in Communication Disorders/Audiology in the 1980S. Fresh out of school with a Master’s degree, she began working with a local ENT and remained there for 20 years, learning everything there is to know about ears and hearing while honing the necessary skills to give the best service possible.
Dr. Armanini began working on a Doctorate degree 2006, completed it in 2008 and decided it was time to go out on her own. Dr. Armanini opened her private practice in August of 2008 and has been helping those with hearing loss ever since.

Peg Armanini’s Hearing Healthcare is committed to providing the best professional service and highest quality of hearing healthcare to all who enter.

Peg Armanini’s Hearing Healthcare is THE full service hearing healthcare in the area where staff members genuinely welcome all who enter our door and work together to provide unsurpassed quality of care and effectively improve the quality of life for our patients.


  • Honest, ethical, professional personalized care.
  • Reliable service with the most advanced technologies.
  • Innovative hearing solutions.

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